Candidate Engagement & Experience from Attraction to Onboarding. 

Candidate expectations have changed. Their attention is pulled in many directions and they are not always impressed by just the employer brand. They expect their interaction to be high touch, fair and transparent.

Often as recruiters, we are so focused on filling the job that the experience of the candidate takes second place.

What should we be thinking about to delight the candidate?

It’s not rocket science, so why have candidate engagement and experience been buzzwords in recruitment for the last few years? What does it mean for both the candidate and the recruitment function?

We will cover:

  • What challenges did the company need to overcome their attraction and experience in recruitment?

  • What did the company improve?

  • And most importantly, what did the candidate think?

  • What needs to be in place to ensure a great candidate experience?

  • Creating a personalised approach to candidates

  • Using technology to enhance engagement through the recruitment process

  • Video – how it wins hearts and minds

  • How do you find good content to engage your candidates?

  • The pain points – using data and mapping to improve your process

For this event, we are bringing both perspectives to the table.

Our speakers



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