Inclusive Hiring

There is a strong business case for developing and implementing a diversity strategy within businesses. Companies with diverse workforces benefit from having a varied set of opinions, perspectives and experiences. On average, companies with diverse workforces outperform their competitors and have higher rates of employee engagement and overall happiness.

While many recruitment teams talk about the importance of diversity and developing inclusive teams, approximately half of employers have structured programs in place to attract diverse candidates. In order to secure the strongest candidates, recruiters will be required to explore innovative approaches to access more diverse talent pools.

Some of the top line points we will cover are:

  • The steps required to build, implement and promote a robust diversity strategy
  • Why we should measure performance to diversity targets, not quotas
  • The tools and technology available to support businesses reach new talent pools
  • The challenges to building a collaborative, diverse workforce


To be announced 

What to expect?

In the morning, you will move through a series of back-to-back 15-minute 'speed meetings' with trusted partners from our vendor community; each an expert in their domain. These lightning-fast meetings are an efficient way to discuss your business challenges, discover our vendor's core expertise, and explore whether the showcase vendors may be able to assist you.

The afternoon, will be spent as a group of TA professionals discussing our challenges, learning from one of Australia's Talent Acquisition leaders and each other along with great insight from our main partner for the day. 

We finish the day with networking drinks to get to know each other as we continue to create a great talent acquisition community in Australia. 

See what one of your peers thought about our last event:

'I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for today’s event, It was absolutely amazing!

The insight and knowledge regarding recruitment is a library of information in itself!

You really inspired me today, and gave me the biggest motivation boost - that I really needed. It definitely won’t be the last time you will be seeing me, I will be attending EVERY upcoming recruitment event you hold.'


- Paul Gallo, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Percepta