Business Case & Change

In 2018, this event was sold out. We learned from two Heads of Recruitment how they took their recruitment functions from highly transactional and reactionary to being invited to their client meetings and becoming true business advisors. That using tech was taking out the admin so they could develop proper resourcing functions that were seen as specialists in their area.

Technology has moved recruitment from a process to constant engagement and marketing but are we using it well to help us ensure our business know we are the recruitment specialists.

So how do we keep up? How do we get our business to agree to the changes and technology we need to enhance our recruitment functions? And how do we get the business to work with us?

Join us to hear from two very different recruitment leaders who have taken their recruitment functions through change and transformed how they manage recruitment.

Recruitment Leaders to be confirmed

  • Data, Data, Data! If you are not using the right data, what’s your case for change!
  • Reporting versus analysis - what data should we be using?
  • Moving from transactional recruiting to being true business advisors and specialists.
  • How to impact change within your organisation.
  • Areas where technology can bring real value, and make in-house teams more effective
  • The challenges, failures and successes!


To be confirmed

What to expect?

In the morning, you will move through a series of back-to-back 15-minute 'speed meetings' with trusted partners from our vendor community; each an expert in their domain. These lightning-fast meetings are an efficient way to discuss your business challenges, discover our vendor's core expertise, and explore whether the showcase vendors may be able to assist you.

The afternoon, will be spent as a group of TA professionals discussing our challenges, learning from one of Australia's Talent Acquisition leaders and each other along with great insight from our main partner for the day. 

We finish the day with networking drinks to get to know each other as we continue to create a great talent acquisition community in Australia. 

See what one of your peers thought about our last event:

'I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for today’s event, It was absolutely amazing!

The insight and knowledge regarding recruitment is a library of information in itself!

You really inspired me today, and gave me the biggest motivation boost - that I really needed. It definitely won’t be the last time you will be seeing me, I will be attending EVERY upcoming recruitment event you hold.'


- Paul Gallo, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Percepta